LivExquisite - Keeping The Passion Alive!
LivSexy, Inc. 

We also provide a sensual line of sexy lingerie and evening attire to fit your passionate flare, which is in conjunction to our LivExqusite line specific for the sexy ladies. Self expression is a creative key ingredient in confidence.

"Liv" means to feel alive, soul survivors who be of exquisite existence and active daily persevering. Above all liberated to live each moment to the fullest degree according to your ideal moral, values and passions. "Sexy" & "Exquisite" to us, means the complete package in attitude, appearance, lifestyle and self awareness. Confidence is Lovely, shows determination and passion. Together you have and we give you, "LivSexy" & "LivExquisite" welcome to our world. We salute you!

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Shakira - Hips Don't Lie ft. Wyclef Jean